2019-2020 School Budget Passes

The 2019-2020 school budget and proposition 2 both passed with the results listed below:

  Total Votes Yes (%) No (%)
Budget Vote Results 315 249 (79%) 66 (21%)
Capital Reserve Results 310 239 (77%) 71 (23%)


The Board Election results are listed below:

May 2019 BOE Candidate Vote Reults    
Candidate Name Votes Elected
Perry Hartswick 250 Y
Nick Palomba 115  
Jennifer Carnecchia 210 Y
Paul Tobin 202 Y

Congratulations to Perry Hartswick, Jennifer Carnecchia and Paul Tobin for being re-elected.
Thank you to Nick Palomba for running for the Board of Education.

Thank you to the Millbrook community for their continued support of our students!

Philip D. D'Angelo, Jr.
Superintendent of Schools