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A Message from the Superintendent - Fall 2014

December, 2014


To the Millbrook Central School community:

We had a great opening for the 2014-2015 school year. Our students and staff returned to school rejuvenated and ready for the school year.

Listed below are some of our focus items for the year:

• We have made some changes in the master schedules for each school to help create an environment conducive for learning and success.

• We are continuing to work on District Goals formerly identified and we have identified new goals as well. The goals are listed on the District’s web-site.

• We are continuing to work on enhancing communication between the school and community. This year we developed a hard copy calendar for all of the homes of our students. We are also continuing to work on making improvements to our District web-site. We added outdoor message boards at the Middle & High Schools (provided by a donation from the Millbrook Educational Foundation-MEF).

• We are employing a strategy of using data to help us make decisions about changes in our District. We want to review how our students are doing and use this information to make decisions about making changes to benefit, and enhance, the performance of all of our students. We want to support continuous school improvement for our District, and this approach should help us attain this goal.

Our buildings and grounds were in great shape for opening day. I want to thank all of our custodial and maintenance staff for their efforts in readying our facilities for the start of the new school year.

I want to thank our community for supporting the educational needs of all of our students. Our community’s reputation is well-known as advocating for providing a great education for our students. Thank you for your on-going and generous support.

We are looking forward to a great year! I know that our students will do their best to attain the level of success and accomplishment that each one of them deserves.


Philip D. D’Angelo, Jr.

Superintendent of Schools