Millbrook Educational Foundation (MEF) Supports Elm Drive Teachers

Chris Rosenbergen, Millbrook Educational Foundation Chair and Kari Capowski, Millbrook Educational Foundation member visited all Elm Drive classrooms today, September 19, 2018, to distribute $200 gift cards to Elm Drive teachers to provide them with additional funds to purchase classroom supplies and materials during their temporary relocation to the Millbrook Middle School. Karen Ferguson, Elm Drive Principal and Phil D’Angelo, Superintendent of Schools, joined Mr. Rosenbergen and Mrs. Capowski to thank our Elm Drive students and staff for their flexibility and understanding.

Mrs. Rizzo shared the following: “We have been very lucky to have such a supportive and generous community during our new adventure at the Millbrook Middle School.”

Mrs. Bopp shared the following: “Thank you to the Millbrook Educational Foundation for their support and words of encouragement during this transition period.”