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A Letter from the Superintendent

To the Millbrook Central School District community:

I consider it an honor and a privilege to serve the educational needs of the students of the Millbrook Central School District. We are working on a variety of initiatives in order to support continuous school improvement at Millbrook. I will discuss some of the initiatives below:

APPR: The APPR is the Annual Professional Performance Review Plan. This has been a focus of Race to the Top. The APPR addresses the means by which principals and teachers are evaluated. The new guidelines, as per the APPR, utilize student test data as a component for the evaluation. This is a new element for principal and teacher evaluations.

Budget: The state and national economies have made this a very challenging financial time for school districts. We are looking at a various ways to reduce spending, while working to provide our students with an excellent learning experience. We are trying to “think out of the box” in order to develop a reasonable budget for our taxpayers. One option we are just beginning to explore is to have a single bus run for all students. This initiative would have students in Kindergarten to grade 12 ride the bus to and from school together. This change could save the district a considerable amount of money. Again, we are just beginning to explore this option and we will look for feedback from the community in order to help us make a decision.

Curriculum Mapping: The district is working with our teachers to develop curriculum maps. Curriculum maps address content, instructional methods, and assessments. Curriculum maps provide for consistency of instruction at grade levels and within departments. Curriculum maps also help to create a continuity of instruction from Kindergarten through grade 12.

District Web-page: We are working on revamping and improving the district’s web-page. We would like to make it more user-friendly and utilize it to share additional information with you. The use of the web-page is a “green initiative” since it is an alternate form of communication which can help us save paper.

Internships/Career Exploration: We would like to develop programs where students explore career options. This can be done via career fairs, job shadowing, and internships. We want our students to see a connection between classroom instruction and future job opportunities. We also want to develop a dialogue with our graduates about their experiences at Millbrook. We want them to tell us what we do well, as well as, what we could do better in order to prepare them for college, the military, and/or the work force.

Professional Development: Professional development is a necessary component for continuous school improvement. We need to provide our teachers with the skills necessary to address the learning styles of all of our students. We want to work with our teachers to select professional development programs that will enhance their teaching ability and enable students to achieve higher levels of academic success.

School Safety: We are reviewing our District and Building level safety plans. We are going to have law enforcement officials review our plans as well. We are going to participate in table-top activities with law enforcement officials to work through various emergency situations with our administrative team, and have law enforcement officials provide us with feedback about how we responded relative to our safety procedures and protocol.

The items listed above are a sampling of some of the initiatives that we are exploring. The Board of Education, administrators, faculty, and staff are committed to provide all of our students with a quality education. We are also committed to continuous school improvement as a means to attain our mission.

Working together we can accomplish great things. We need to keep our eye on our mission – addressing the educational needs of all of our students.

Thank you for your time and attention.


Philip D. D’Angelo, Jr.
Superintendent of Schools